Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a pawn work?

    For those times when you need cash, you can use personal items as collateral to borrow money for an agreed upon period of time. We keep the item(s) in a safe place for the duration of your loan. You can pay your loan in full and retrieve your item(s) when the pawn loan is due. You can also choose to renew or extend the loan (if available).

    You do not have to repay your pawn loan. Instead, you can surrender the items you used as collateral for the pawn loan. If you do surrender your items there is no recourse. There is also no negative reporting to any credit agencies.

  • What is a pawn loan extension?

    You may be able to extend the due date of your loan. To do so you will need to pay any outstanding pawn service charges. The availability of extensions and exact terms are different by state. Talk to a Team Member for more information.

  • Can I renew a pawn loan?

    A pawn loan may be renewable, but each state has its own rules. A renewal is considered a new pawn loan. Paying outstanding pawn service charges is usually required to renew your pawn loan for an additional term. Talk to a Team Member for more information.

  • Is my item safe?

    Your item will be kept safe and secure for the duration of your pawn loan.

  • Do I need a credit check for a pawn loan?

    No. We do not check your credit for pawn loans.

  • How do you value an item?

    Each item is assessed by our knowledgeable Team Members. We also use a proprietary pawn loan management software to standardize the process. The value is determined based on several considerations, including the condition of the item and market demand for the item.

  • How do you value jewelry?

    Jewelry will be appraised by our staff with expertise in this area and our proprietary pawn loan management software. A number of considerations, including the weight and authenticity help determine the value. For jewelry that contains diamonds, size, quality, and authenticity of the diamonds will be considered in arriving at a final valuation.

  • What are my payment options?

    We have a few payment options available for you.

    1. Pay at the store

    2. Call the store to make payment (where available)

    3. Online via EZ+ Web App (

    Please note you can use 2 and 3 only for pawn extensions; if you want to pay off the pawn, then you must visit your store to make the payment and redeem the pawn collateral.

    Note: Not all services are available in all areas. Pawn extensions not offered in Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin. Extensions by day only offered in select states including Florida and Texas.

  • Can I get a payment reminder?

    Yes. Please ask for text message reminders when you get a pawn loan.

  • What items can I pawn?

    We accept almost any item of value. Please check with our store Team Members for exceptions. Firearms and vehicle loans are accepted only in specific locations.

  • How new are the items?

    We sell second-hand merchandise in good condition. We carry a range of models of various age.

  • Is there any warranty for the item I buy?


  • Will you provide jewelry appraisal when I purchase jewelry?

    No, we do not offer appraisals.

  • What is the return policy?

    We accept returns within the same day. If you purchase the Product Protection Plan or the Jewelry VIP Program, you may have more options for return or exchange. Please see our Return Policy for complete details.

  • I like an item but do not have cash on hand to purchase it. Can I put it on hold?

    We are not able to hold items. We do, however, offer a Layaway Program. You pay a minimum amount down and a layaway fee and pay the rest of the purchase price in regular monthly installments. Talk to our Team Members for more details.

  • Can I buy multiple items on the Layaway Program?

    Yes, you can have more than one item on layaway.

  • Do I have to pay any interest for layaway?

    No interest is charged on layaway but there is a layaway fee. Talk to our Team Members for more details.

  • Can I cancel my layaway and get my money back?

    Cancelled layaways are subject to a restocking fee of $10 or 10% of the purchase price (whichever is greater). No cash refunds. A credit slip will be issued on all cancelled layaway sales. Credit slip expires after 6 months from the date issued. Please see a Team Member for additional details.

  • What is EZ+?

    EZ+ is our customer online portal; a service accessible to all of our customers and a common experience for all of our brands.

    Some of the benefits of an EZ+ account included:

    · View active pawns and layaways details

    · Make layaways payments

    · Extend pawns

    · EZ+ Rewards

    · And more!

    To learn more about EZ+ and its benefits go to