Published Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

A variety of winter sports gear laid out on the floor, including a snowboard, boots, helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, goggles, and other accessories.

As the summer heat rolls in, it's the perfect time to clear out those winter items collecting dust and taking up space in your home. Even though these items might only be helpful for a few months each year, they still hold value! Bring them to a Value Pawn & Jewelry pawn shop for cash today!

Declutter and Earn Extra Cash

Looking to tidy up your space and earn some additional cash this summer? Consider taking your items to your nearby pawn shop. Pawn shops welcome a wide range of items and may provide a fair amount of fast cash on the spot.

How to Maximize Your Pawn Shop Experience

Before heading to your local pawn shop, evaluate your items. Consider their condition, market demand, and potential resale value to make informed decisions and maximize your earnings for a quick cash loan!

What to Pawn During Summer:

Below is a short list of items to pawn for cash during the summer months:

Portable Space Heaters

A person in a cozy robe warming their hands near a space heater, suggesting a cold indoor environment.

While space heaters are essential during colder months, their demand typically decreases in the summer. Pawn shops may be willing to offer you a fair price for these items, knowing they can resell them when the demand increases again.

Power Generators

A person starting a portable generator by pulling the recoil starter cord. The generator is placed on grass, with a small building in the background.

Power generators are often in high demand during the winter months when power outages due to storms or inclement weather are more common. Pawning them during the summer allows you to capitalize on their value when they're not in peak demand, potentially fetching a good price from a pawn shop.

Skis and Snowboards

A pair of cross-country skis and poles set in a snowy forest landscape.

Skis and snowboards come in various types, including alpine, cross-country, and snowboards, catering to different styles and skill levels. Since you won’t be using them in the summer, consider pawning them to free up some extra storage in your home until you can use them again in winter.

Ice Skates

A person tying the laces on a pair of ice skates while sitting on the ice, preparing for skating.

If you're not ready to part with your high-end ice skates permanently, pawning them allows you to obtain a short-term loan. You can reclaim your figure skates by repaying the loan (amount loaned plus fees) within the agreed-upon timeframe, providing a flexible financial option.

Ice Hockey Gear

A hockey player putting on their ice skates in a locker room, with other hockey gear like gloves and a helmet nearby.

If you aren’t playing ice hockey in the summer, why not pawn your gear until you need it later in the year? Bring high-end hockey sticks, helmets, and pads for cash you need in the summer.

Winter Coats

A rack of fur coats hanging on hangers, indicating a display in a store or closet.

Consumers who want to stay warm and stylish during the colder months seek out high-quality winter coats for a good price off-season. Winter wear, including jackets, parkas, and insulated outerwear from reputable brands like Canada Goose, The North Face, and Patagonia, can fetch a great price during the summer.

Ice Fishing Equipment

A father and his two children ice fishing. They are dressed warmly and standing near holes drilled in the ice.

Ice fishing gear includes ice augers, shelters, rods, reels, and tackle designed for fishing on frozen lakes and ponds. Ice anglers use specialized equipment to catch fish through holes drilled in the ice.

Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

A person using a leaf blower to clear fallen leaves from a path, with leaves flying in the air.

You won’t need to worry about leaves until the colder months, so equipment such as leaf blowers and vacuums are great candidates for pawning during the summer.

High-End Halloween Decorations

A house decorated for Halloween with various decorations like pumpkins, skeletons, and other spooky elements arranged on the steps and around the entrance.

Believe it or not, luxury Halloween decorations are not only popular but can be expensive to purchase and worth a significant amount of money. If you have animatronic Halloween props and luxury yard decorations in storage, consider pawning them during the summer for extra money and retrieve them just in time for the holiday.

Snow Blowers

A person using a snowblower to clear a path through deep snow. The person is dressed in winter clothing and the snowblower is red.

Pawnbrokers are interested in accepting snow-management equipment like snow blowers in summer. Pawning them during the off-season allows you to capitalize on their value when they are not actively used.

Winter Camping Gear

A view from inside a tent looking out at a snowy forest. The tent is yellow, and there are various camping gear items, including boots, visible inside the tent. A person is sitting inside the tent, holding a mug.

Pawning winter camping gear can earn you fast cash during the summer. Consider pawning items like cold-weather tents, like-new sleeping bags, insulated clothing, portable heaters, and cooking equipment designed for camping in snowy conditions.

Bring Your Items To Pawn Today

A person standing behind a shopping cart filled with groceries, using their smartphone and smiling. The photo is taken from a low angle, looking up at the person.

Value Pawn & Jewelry is your pawn shop to sell winter items for cash! This makes it easy to declutter your home and earn some extra cash this summer with a pawn shop loan. Whether you're looking to sell items outright for a reasonable price or pawn them for a loan, our team is here to help. Additionally, buying and selling items at a pawn shop is another option. Visit Value Pawn & Jewelry during summer, where one of our experienced pawnbrokers can evaluate them and offer you cash on the spot with a pawn loan.


Item evaluation and amount of cash offered on purchases or pawn transactions is at the sole discretion of the Pawnbroker. Conditions apply. Pawn transactions are a loan based on the value of an item and is subject to terms and conditions, including fees, which may vary by state. Please see a Team Member for additional information.