Published Friday, June 21st, 2024

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If you find something you would like to buy but can't afford to pay for it all at once, layaway could be a great option.

A layaway plan at a pawn shop is when a store reserves an item you would like to purchase and, after a small deposit, allows you to pay gradually over time. Once your item is paid in full, you can come to pick it up and take it home.

How Layaway Works

Here’s how layaway works at Value Pawn & Jewelry:

1. Select the item you want to purchase.

2. Make a down payment of at least 10% of the item's price and any applicable fees.

3. Value Pawn & Jewelry will securely store your item until you've completed all payments. To a see a schedule of payments, please see our Layaway Policy.

4. Once all payments are completed in full (which includes the initial fees referenced above), you can retrieve your item and take it home.

Benefits of a Layaway Payment Plan

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  • Pay Over Time: A layaway program or plan will allow you to pay in smaller, more manageable installments, providing extra motivation to stay on track with your payments. Layaway helps you secure great deals with just a small down payment!
  • Flexibility: A Value Pawn & Jewelry layaway plan offers individuals payment flexibility to spread the cost of the item over time instead of the challenge of saving up the full amount of the product cost at once.
  • No Interest: Unlike using a credit card, opting for a layaway payment plan does not incur interest charges. A small layaway fee is assessed at the time of the layaway down payment.
  • No Credit Checks: Layaway at Value Pawn & Jewelry doesn't require credit checks, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Secure High-Demand Items: When you put an item on layaway, you're reserving it for yourself, ensuring it's available for you once you've completed your payments, and no one else can purchase it in the meantime. Additionally, our Product Protection Plan is an optional product we offer in exchange for a fee on many purchased items that allows you to return an item for up to 6 months from purchase.

How Can You Pay?

When you choose layaway to purchase an item at Value Pawn & Jewelry, you can pay at the store location or use our EZ+ app to manage your layaway and make payments online any time of day. Simply visit to get started.

What If You Choose Not to Complete Your Layaway Payments?

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If you no longer wish to purchase the item and choose not to complete your layaway payments, there will be a small cancelation fee*! The item will simply be returned to the shelf so the store can sell it to another customer.

*Cancelled layaways are subject to a restocking fee of $10 or 10% of the purchase price (whichever is greater). No cash refunds. A credit slip will be issued on all cancelled layaway sales. Credit slips expire 6 months from the date issued. Please see a Team Member for additional details.

What Are the Payment Terms for a Layaway Plan?

Layaway agreements come with defined payment terms, which your pawnbroker will explain when you initiate the arrangement. Remember that certain stores may restrict layaway for certain items and set minimum purchase thresholds. Reach out to a Value Pawn & Jewelry Team Member to clarify all the details.

Shopping Is Made Easier With Layaway!

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Layaway payment plans at pawn shops are crafted to be a flexible payment option to make purchasing more budget friendly. They allow you to purchase what you desire and pay gradually. At Value Pawn & Jewelry, customer satisfaction is our top priority, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. Drop by today to discover how a layaway plan can work for you!